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Rootage "Grow deep roots with surf shops"

Paskowitz Consulting was created to bring the “Spark of Life” into growth focused revolutionary surf and skate brands. This is achieved by establishing a companies “Rootage”, that it will have a strong, long lasting life within its core consumers and retailers. I have developed solutions to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors, expose the brand to a global market, and increase customer understanding of the brands vision.   

"I only share with you what I know best, Surfing".

Maximize your Potential " Sales and Consulting"

I propose a strategy to carve out a brands own unique path to success. During the process I will introduce new and creative ideas for building a brand with STRONG ROOTS while IMPROVING RETAIL RELATIONSHIPS. I set out to use my network to create PRODUCT AWARENESS, and in doing so INCREASES OVERALL SALES. With my guidence, we will carve out a concrete place for your revolutionary brand. 

Brand Ambassador

As the founder of Paskowitz Consulting, I use my passion for life, aloha spirit, and enthusiasm to collaborate with brands and gain momentum. I surf and skate regularly and have a deep passion for the sport of surfing and the life it has  fulfilled me with for over 45 years.  I have discovered thru working in the Surf, Skate, and Outdoor markets a deep understanding of product placement and a gold standard of customer service to building key relationships. 

About ME


I have been teaching surfing since 1972


500+ Domestic Surf Shops 

Get back to the Roots

Grow your company with deep roots

"Why do you need my help?"

My Enthusiasm and devotion to the sport of surfing and skating.

I will only share what I know best. 

 40+ years of  sales experience.

Boost sales and distribution

Improve brand recognition

Tapping new and creative ideas

Strengthen relationships and customer satisfaction; and thereby Growing market share, sales and revenue;
Revolutionary growth-oriented brands retain PASKOWITZ Consulting to plant strong heirloom seeds, build authentic organizational roots, sprout in nutrient-rich organic soil, protect from cross-pollination, preserve better insights and new ideas,
Harvest energy from sun

Revitalize with a lifetime of resources to maximize potential

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